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27. Dr Graham Jackson

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Dr Jackson is a radical CCG leader who has shown that ‘doing things as they always have been done’ is a road to nowhere.

In ditching the QOF locally, the CCG he chairs has been a trailblazer in prioritising general practice and allowing more time to care for patients. As he puts it: ‘In Aylesbury Vale we have broken the mould on the QOF and NHS England has come with us on that journey. Like a test case, we have been looked at carefully, but NHS England has been quite facilitative.’

The CCG guaranteed practices their 2014/15 QOF earnings plus a 5% uplift so they could concentrate instead on changing to a care and support planning approach. And so far Dr Jackson says there has been no reduction in care quality.

He says: ’As a GP, this approach makes you think differently. You think much more about the patient owning their disease rather than being clinician directed’

He’s now the new national face of CCGs as co-chair of NHS Clinical Commissioners and has argued for CCGs to shift more money into general practice through co-commissioning powers.

Why influential: Important CCG cheerleader for general practice

Surprising fact: He is a keen cyclist and runner

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