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3 – 7 April, Cornwall – Connect and Change

You will experience being able to Connect and Change with:

Your body, which will become energised, exercised and stretched with walking, yoga, and relaxation….

Your mind, to be able to think more clearly as you have time to consider what to do next in your life as you spend time in nature, by the sea, learn about and experience mindfulness… and have the chance to use me and others as a sounding board to discover your own solutions.

Your emotions, which will become calmer as you put things into proportion while watching the ocean in an area of outstanding natural beauty and have the opportunity for personal reflection and discussion with other medics and experience coaching as a sounding board for your thoughts and ideas.

Your creativity, which will be awakened as you have permission to have fun and discover new ways to express yourself through art and music, and discover something new about yourself.

Your enjoyment which will be increased as you enjoy bird watching, swimming, conversations, laughing, staying in a beautiful place just minutes from the sea, so you can relax and refresh your mind, body and spirit; and experience a day foraging (with an expert) for wild food then cooking and feasting on it!

When you connect with new experiences you will be able to make the changes you want and discover which direction to take next, within or out of the Medical profession, in order to live the life you truly want.

To take some time out just for you and discover what to do, for yourself, when you connect with parts of yourself you may have neglected

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