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3 – Dr Iona Heath

Dr Iona Heath was recently elected president of the RCGP, but it's not that largely honorary role that has made her our panel's third most influential GP in the UK.

Dr Heath is known primarily for the power of her writing, using her BMJ column to rail against inequality, the deficiencies of the QOF and the industrialisation of general practice. A GP for 34 years, Dr Heath retired from practice in January and has since been on a nationwide tour of every faculty of the RCGP, meeting local GPs and finding out what their concerns are.

What she says

‘I'm continuing my writing, although I have to be a little careful not to tread on the toes of my policy colleagues. The main responsibility of the president is to do as much as you can to support GP morale, so I am going around the country to see what is preoccupying people.'

Dr Iona Heath Top 50 most influential GPs

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