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33. Dr Peter Holden


Along with Dr Laurence Buckman, GPC veteran Dr Peter Holden is the last remaining member of the negotiating team that secured the new GMS contract in 2004.

Very much the old-school firebrand of the negotiating team, Dr Holden leads on issues such as premises, practice finance and vaccinations, and also took a lead role this year in negotiating with the Government over the controversial introduction of the new NHS 111 service for urgent care. He eventually helped force ministers into accepting the GPC's demand for the rollout to be delayed in areas where CCGs are not yet ready for the new integrated service.

A GP with vast experience of emergency medicine, he also personally took charge when a delegate collapsed at the annual LMCs conference – thankfully, the delegate was fine.

A self-confessed ‘card-carrying Tory', he has nevertheless issued a series of withering put-downs to the Government, not least the when he issued some sage advice to the Prime Minister: ‘Resignation's too good for Lansley, Cameron should sack him.'