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33. Dr Robert Morley

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Dr Morley was nominated for being a ‘tireless campaigner who speaks good sense’.

As GPC contracts and regulation subcommittee chair, he has battled the excesses of the CQC and GMC, and accurately predicted the ‘absolute bloody disaster’ of Capita’s takeover of support services this year.

But the Birmingham LMC executive secretary says his main achievement has been that the LMC has ‘risen to the challenge’ of supporting GP practices in the toughest year he can remember. The LMC’s workload has ‘gone through the roof’, he says.

And next year he plans to ‘contribute to the radical changes needed for the renaissance of the world’s best GP service before it’s too late’, he tells Pulse.

‘GPs must be re-empowered and re- professionalised for this to happen, as well, of course as the service getting the massive funding boost needed and the reversal of so many destructive polices,’ he says. Should be an easy task then…

Why influential: The Nostradamus of the GPC

Surprising fact: Only thing he won at school was a cracker-eating contest

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