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4-7 July: WONCA Europe 2012

The main theme of the conference will be “The Art and Science of General Practice and Family Medicine”, a title which comprises important and fascinating aspects and principles of our work as General Practitioners and Family Doctors.

The skillful integration of scientific knowledge and evidence based medicine in daily work has many aspects of an art and can help to make the work of a family doctor more efficient. Medicine and art have always been in tight relationship and there are many examples in music, literature and fine arts. The central image for our conference serves as a symbol for this theme.

This image shows one of the world-famous anatomical wax models of the 18th century which are situated in the Josephinum, the foundation site of the first medical school in Vienna in 1786. These elaborate figures document a perfect synthesis of exact knowledge of anatomy and the art of transforming that knowledge into beautiful and accurate models, which were ideally suited for teaching. Vienna, a city with a great medical and cultural tradition, many historical places and famous cultural highlights should be the ideal location to explore our conferences’ theme in depth.

WONCA conferences are the most appropriate place where experienced general practitioners and family doctors can meet with young and enthusiastic members of the Vasco da Gama Movement and medical students to discuss their specific problems, attitudes and opinions. As many colleagues visiting our conference may be interested how Austrian GPs and family doctors work in their surgeries, the conference schedule will also offer a “Meet a Doctor” program.

An additional reason to come to Vienna is our attractive social programme. This consists of typical Viennese and Austrian music, an exhibition of works of art created by our physician colleagues, various tourist tours to explore the medical history of Vienna and a carefully selected post-conference tour.

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