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45. Dr Simon Abrams

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Praised for his ‘excellent leadership skills’, Dr Abrams chairs Urgent Health UK, a federation of social enterprise out-of-hours providers and has made indemnity a ‘key issue’ for NHS England after some groups saw a 30% hike in their costs and GPs stopped doing out-of-hours due to the increase in costs.

The Liverpool GP’s aims for the next year are for the NHS to see out-of-hours groups not as ‘commercial organisations but sharing the NHS ethos of quality care’, and to continue serving the most deprived population in England at his practice in Everton.

The one thing Dr Abrams would change about general practice? ’The dialogue between primary care and its patients needs to change, with the main question being: what is reasonable to expect from patients as their contribution to health in these times of increasing costs and the aging population?’

Why influential: Voice of out-of-hours GP providers

Surprising fact: He is a self-confessed ‘aged hippy’ and used to be a regular reveller at Glastonbury festival

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