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46. Dr Kieran Sharrock

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46 dr kieran sharrock power50 2016

46 dr kieran sharrock power50 2016

Dr Sharrock is the man behind a revolutionary initiative to tempt European doctors to work in the UK. The Lincolnshire LMC medical director is currently working with working with recruitment firms and NHS managers to recruit the GPs with doctors from Spain, Poland, Romania and Italy already expressing their interest.

Despite Brexit, his aim for the next year is to complete the pilot,‘to improve the workforce issues putting so much stress on our overworked practices,’ he says.

Another big achievement this year has been ‘to rebuild the relationships we used to have in years gone by’ between GP practices and the hospital trust, through better communication.

And who inspires him to keep battling against the daily stresses of general practice? Fellow GPs. He says: ‘any GP who has been able to continue working with a smile on their face through this time of increasing workload with reduced resources.’

Why influential: Importing EU GPs to ease the recruitment crisis

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