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48. Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer

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After a barnstorming speech supporting industrial action at the Special LMCs Conference in January, Dr Bramall-Stainer joins the Power 50. She told delegates the move would allow them ‘to deploy our nuclear deterrent without actually letting it off’ and send ’a lightning bolt to NHS England’. 

The unprecedented action, which was rubber-stamped by LMCs at the annual conference in May and rejected by the GPC last week, called for the GPC to canvass GPs on their willingness to submit undated resignations if the Government failed to deliver a ‘rescue package’ for general practice within six months.

The Hertford GP, who recently became a medical director for Londonwide LMCs, faced her own difficult decision this year when she decided to swap partnership for locuming.

‘Enormous stressors of partnership were impacting upon my health, my state of mind and my ability to care for my very young family,’ she tells Pulse. ‘I was faced with an ultimatum and decided to take a leap into the unknown.’

She admits she is still battling with ‘significant ‘survivor’s guilt’, but it turned out to be the best thing she could have done. And her aim for the next year is to ‘stay well; find my feet; rediscover pleasure in practice; but primarily to support my profession to the best of my ability.’

Why influential: Turbo-charged the idea of mass resignation

Surprising fact: Designed the artwork for 80s pop group Erasure’s Tiny Tour

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