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50. Dr Paul Roblin

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Nominated for being a ‘tireless campaigner’ and ‘a compassionate and intellectually rigorous GP who argues GPs’ case’, Dr Paul Roblin has successfully fought GPs’ corner on a range of issues this year, winning him a well-deserved spot in this list.

The chief executive of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire LMCs prompted a U-turn by the BMA, which is now advising GPs to reject all firearms licence requests from the police. He also caused a heated debate at the LMCs Conference by calling on the GPC to explore the fully salaried option as ‘partnership has become unpopular’.

But it’s fighting for his profession that he loves most about the job – ‘Being an advocate for coal face GPs’, he says. And that is most certainly who he is.

Why influential: Key LMC leader who directly influences GPC policy

Surprising fact: Credits his biology teacher with triggering his interest in medicine

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