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6. Dr Alan McDevitt

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The relationship between the Government and the BMA is arguably strongest in Scotland, and this is largely due to Dr McDevitt’s skilful leadership of the Scottish GPC.

He is currently negotiating a radical overhaul of the GP contract, to go live in April 2017, reshaping the GP role in Scotland and helping to preserve the independent contractor model.

Already, Scotland has ditched the QOF, and introduced occupational health support for all GPs, including locums. The new contract will see even more moves to reduce risks for partners and provide centrally employed salaried staff for practices such as pharmacists.

Dr McDevitt says: ‘We believe the future is a strong, modern independent contractor GP model leading a broader primary health care team to better outcomes for patients.’

But he warns: ’If the Scottish Government does not get it right this time, then we are done for.’

Pulse’s readers remain on Dr McDevitt’s side. As one nominator put it, Dr McDevitt’s power comes from ‘aiming to game change in Scotland and providing such a clear vision of “core” general practice’.

Why he is influential: Leading Scottish GPs at a pivotal time

Surprising fact: Loves to dance

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