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8. Dr Pooja Arora

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So much for ‘pale, male and stale’: the latest candidate elected to the GPC is a young freelance GP who’s changing the face of general practice.

Dr Pooja Arora came to many GPs’ attention at this year’s LMCs conference, where she argued that the poor perception of a career in general practice must be tackled soon.

She’s also a well-known figure on the West Midlands trainees’ subcommittee, in the BMA’s Solihull division and at Birmingham LMC, as well as the RCGP’s Midland faculty for associates in training. She completed her training last May. Described as ‘intelligent’ and ‘articulate’ by those who for voted for
her, she highlights BMA deputy chair Dr Kailash Chand’s advice and support in her success so far. Her aims? ‘To improve engagement with younger GPs and sessional GPs, who are currently not well represented. During my time on the GPC I wish to bring the views of young grassroots GPs to discussions and work to improve the perception of general practice and ease the workload pressures.’