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A ‘pain zapper’ for headaches, the overhaul of practice boundaries begins and the man caught between a doc and a hard place

By Lilian Anekwe

Our roundup of news headlines on Thursday 4 March.

I’ve had a headache for six days straight. The inside of my nose hurts when I breathe, and if I’m out in the cold air too long I get a piercing pain on the right side of my skull.

I’ve Googled it and apparently it’s either sinusitis, a migraine or a brain tumour. So I’ve turned to today’s Daily Digest as a cry for help.

To those of you gainfully employed as GPs, I’d like your advice on whether I should consider buying a ‘pain zapper‘ that delivers a magnetic pulse to the back of my head, which the Daily Mail says can shortcircuit the ‘electrical storm’ in my brain and ease my pain.

Even the more circumspect Daily Telegraph says the device, which can be bought from a company based in California – home of all things pain-relieving and wonderful – is a ‘major step forward‘.

Back to the Daily Mail, which loves a good hospital blunder story, and pictures a forlorn looking toddler who was sent home with a cast on the wrong, as in unbroken, leg by bungling staff at the Torbay hospital in Devon. Bless his cotton socks.

‘A dad who nearly died after having an erection for THREE WEEKS has been saved by surgery.’

If you ask me that top line addresses the issue raised by the pun-tastic headline, ‘Between a doc and a hard place’, but The Sun thought it was helpful to also highlight the following words in bold capitals: GANGRENE and NOT TAKEN VIAGRA.

Other sticks which the media may or may not choose to bash you with today include Andy Burnham’s plans for a radical shake-up of patient registration rules, single-handed GPs raking in £120,000 a year according to NHS figures, and GPs failing to give older women thorough checks for ovarian cancer.

Spotted a story we’ve missed? Let us know and we’ll update the digest throughout the day…

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