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Addictive killer sunbeds, the 20 pint night out; the migraine patient who can’t stop talking Chinese

By Ian Quinn

Our roundup of news headlines on Tuesday 20 April.

Forget crack cocaine or heroin, the latest deadly addiction danger might be able to be found down at the local sports centre or tanning salon, according to today's papers.

Researchers claim that sunbeds, blamed for hundreds of cancer cases a year in the UK, are as addictive as drugs.

Some may even need to be referred to counselling by their GP to help them kick the habit, suggests the study.

Meanwhile the Daily Telegraph provides more fuel for the BMA's campaign to crack down on the availability of cheap alcohol with a story that many Saturday night drinkers go out intent on consuming the equivalent of 20 pints.

Researchers, analysing the habits of 214 drinkers on Saturday nights in Liverpool, Manchester and Chester found 10% of men consume twice their weekly alcohol limit in just one drinking session, while women would exceed their recommended weekly intake by almost three times.

The Daily Mail includes a sobering tirade against Summary Care Records by esteemed columnist Stephen Glover, who claims the rollout is a risk to patient confidentiality and calls for a new opt in model which he says would avoid people like the elderly being bamboozled by the opt out system.

As if Government IT chiefs didn't have enough to feel sorry for themselves about, after the Government decision to shelve the accelerated rollout of the scheme, they now face the wrath of Daily Mail readers too.

Most bizarre story of the day without question is that of the migraine sufferer who has developed the rare Foreign Accent Syndrome, which somehow seems even more sinister when written about in the Daily Mail.

Sarah Colwill is now having speech therapy to try to get her Devon twang back, after the impact of the condition made her start speaking like a Chinese woman.

Thank goodness at least it was not Japanese or the red tops would really have had a field day with their headlines.

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Daily Digest - 20 April 2010