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An aspirin a day (and an allotment) keeps the doctor away, plus coverage of Pulse’s mortality rates story

By Gareth Iacobucci

Our roundup of health news headlines on Wednesday 24 November.

Another day, another aspirin story, although in fairness this one is quite a significant claim. The Telegraph’s front page tells us that everyone aged over 45 should consider a small daily dose of aspirin to help protect themselves against heart disease and cancer, according to experts.

The Telegraph also covers Pulse’s exclusive story which reveals that mortality rates by GP practice could be used with a range of other figures to trigger inspections and investigations by the CQC.

Also in the Telegraph, we read of the surge in the number of young people having an abortion over the last decade, with official statistics suggesting that four out of ten women under the age of 20 who become pregnant abort their child.

Interesting stuff in the Independent, which reports that the previous Government’s decision to ban the ‘legal high’ drug mephedrone or ‘meow meow’ as it was famously nicknamed – may have cost lives rather than saved them – by driving users back to cocaine, according to an expert.

Elsewhere, the Mail reports on new research showing that hormone replacement therapy can rejuvenate the brain. The study showed women taking HRT were more able to carry out tasks involving fine motor co-ordination, compared with those of a similar age who were not.

Also in the Mail, we read MPs’ warning that eight million people a year are being put at risk of DVT in hospital because they are missing out on life-saving measures.

Half of British men are bedroom flops‘, roars the Mail, sensitively. Come on guys, where’s your nationalistic spirit gone?! It transpires that one in two men is affected by impotence at some point in their lives, with alcohol usually to blame, according to a survey of some 4,500 men, carried out by high street pharmacy giant Boots.

And in unrelated news, growing your own veg may contribute to a longer life, according to today’s spurious piece of research, which shows that pensioners with allotments are ‘significantly’ healthier than those of the same age without.

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