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Any qualified provider (1.5 CPD hours)

Article only | Full CPD module


Community and mental health services are next in line for AQP. Dr Paul Charlson explains how GPs can take the opportunity to provide new services and Natasha Curry priovides a commissioner's view.

Learning objectives

The two articles in this module will enable GPs to be clear on what they have to do to provide new services under any qualified provider (AQP), such as:

  • Registering with the CQC
  • Costing services accurately
  • Finding a suitable model
  • Dealing with conflicts of interest.

It will also give GPs a basic knowledge of how to commission services under AQP, with advice on:

  • Understanding tariff prices
  • Deciding if AQP is the best method of procurement for a service
  • Managing a market with multiple providers
  • Controlling costs