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Attacking an elephant with a water pistol

Taking industrial action on the pensions debate will be too woolly, and will irritate patients.

It is like attacking an elephant with a water pistol and will be an irrelevance to the Government.

Why not send social security and work and pensions forms to the health secretary? Or stick printed labels over the reply-paid address?

I think it is important head office finds out how difficult things are in the localities, so we should let the chiefs know more about our patients' health.

That would cause inconvenience to the bureaucrats but not to patients, as the Government takes such a long time to process their claims anyway.

It will only take a short time to return the claims to their original localities, but it'll take a lot of effort on Parliament's part. That would be an effective form of action. Frankly, when you look at the BMA view on the QOF, politicians consider it to be a laughing stock. Are we?

From Dr John Leonard, Falkirk