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Best of the blogs in 2014

Copperfield Scream

  1. The CQC has put my practice on the naughty step Copperfield
  2. What has become of the job I loved? Peverley
  3. NHS services have become an all-you-can-eat buffet Nabi
  4. Cash for diagnoses? Just say no Dr Martin Brunet
  5. GPs abandon profession to work on Game of Thrones Through the K Hole
  6. A simple manifesto to earn GPs’ vote at the next election Editor’s blog
  7. No wonder GPs act like parents when patients act like children Dr Samir Dawatly
  8. Why I don’t want to become a ‘proper doctor’ Dr Lisa Harrod-Rothwell
  9. Phone triage? It is a pain in the neck Gillham
  10. – every little helps Dr Hadrian Moss