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Blog roll

Jobbing Doctor An online diary of a GP working in a large industrialised city outside of London.

Margaret McCartney A GP based in Glasgow who writes mainly about evidence based medicine.

Chez Sam’s ­– An accountant with a passion for supporting Junior Doctors.

Dr Zorro Dr Zorro is a full time NHS Consultant, with a predominantly clinical workload.

Bad Medicine – A blog depicting the dubious, bad and sometimes frankly lunatic developments in the medical world.

The Dobbing Doctor – A junior doctor, in a big sea of medical blogs.

The Basics Doc – A diary of a doctor who gives up his time to provide medical care at the roadside.

Northern Doc– ‘Hey Up Luv’ a blog that comments on matters relating to the far reaches of the United Kingdom.

A better NHS An NHS GP blog to inform others about the real scandal going on with the NHS

View from the hill –Ex politician, Journalist, Biologist. Deeply troubled by the safety within the NHS and the Doctor cohort.

The Witch DoctorA Witch Doctor’s daily evolving view of UK health care and its close relationship with Modernising Medical Careers.

A beginner’s guide to being a junior doctor– A beginner’s guide to being a junior doctor.

Dr Rant All members of the Dr Rant team are doctors working in the NHS and/or medical journalists/writers.

Mums4medics– A blog for mums to share parental experiences.

Ferret fancierfrontline worker in the NHS -not a fan of the prescribed government reform.