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BMA demands death-in-service benefits for GP locums amid pandemic


Death-in-service benefits need to be extended to locum GPs in light of the Covid-19 crisis, according to the BMA.

The BMA has asked the Government to guarantee adequate death-in-service cover for all doctors working to fight against coronavirus.

For locum GPs this is especially pertinent. Under current law, locum GPs do not qualify for full death-in-service benefits if they die on a day off.

In a recent tweet, the BMA GP Committee said: ‘We’ve campaigned for years to extend death-in-service benefits to locum GPs, who do not qualify if they work Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but die on a Tuesday.

‘With the grave situation facing staff due to #Covid19 the [Government] must act now.’

The BMA has actively challenged the issue of inadequate death-in-service cover for locum GPs, including an unsuccessful high court challenge.

The renewed call is to support doctors working to fight against Covid-19.

On the BMA website, BMA pensions committee chair Vish Sharma, said: ‘The BMA has repeatedly asked the Department of Health and Social Care for reassurances that adequate death-in-service cover is provided, if necessary under temporary emergency measures. To date, we have not received that reassurance.’