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Bold Practice Management

A one-seminar with expert advice on how to think strategically and be decisive about the direction your practice is going in the new era for primary care

In the face of sweeping reforms of primary care and harsh budget cuts, the practices most likely to survive and prosper are those under proactive management. Taking a passive approach to the day-to-day running of your practice is no longer an option. There are new threats on the horizon, and new opportunities for the taking, but only for the most business-minded – and one practice's loss will be another's gain.

This one-day seminar for practice managers and partners will arm you with the skills and knowledge needed to make bold plans for your practice and take decisive steps to execute them. Our expert line-up of speakers will take you through the difficult issues you face over the next few years, including how to communicate tough decisions to staff and get them onboard with change and how to ensure your practice benefits from boundary abolition. There will be advice on the pros, cons and practicalities of working in federation with other practices/practice managers and the advantages of being proactive in your commissioning consortia right from the start.

There will also be expert tips from our line-up of legal and finance experts on a raft of issues, including conducting appraisals and tackling poor performance, hiring and firing staff, overcoming the problem of cramped premises and managing your partners to ensure an effective balance between patient care and cost-effective commissioning. You should leave the event confident that you have the management skills to steer your practice proactively into a new era in primary care.

Choice of two venues:

  • London - 24 November 2011
  • Manchester - 1 December 2011

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