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Bowel cancer risk, Rod Stewart’s IVF battle and a stomach-churning hospital blunder

By Laura Passi

Our round up of health news headlines on Monday 13 September.

We begin the week with the Independent, which reports that even if the rest of the body is in proportion, ‘for every extra inch on the waist above a healthy measurement, the risk of bowel cancer goes up 3 per cent.’

A health measurement is ‘defined as less than 31.5in (80cm) for women, less than 37in (94cm) for white and black men and less than 35in (90cm) for Asian men,’ we’re told.

The Daily Telegraph today has the results of a new medical trail suggesting that ‘a widespread vaccine to protect children against deadly meningitis B could soon be available’.

A Guardian headline reads: ‘Genetic code linked to short sight found‘. Scientists have identified the part of the genetic code that is responsible for short-sightedness which means that it ‘could help researchers develop eye drops or tablets that could be given to children to stop their vision from failing as they get older.’

The Daily Mail has the testament of Rod Stewart and his pregnant wife Penny Lancaster, who talk about their ‘IVF battle’ to have a baby.

Meanwhile over the weekend, the Sunday Times reported the advice of one of the country’s leading weight loss experts, University College London’s Professor Nick Finer, who claimed patients should ‘forget the yo-yo diet and plump for gastric bypass surgery instead’ because ‘as people put on the pounds, the body accepts the new weight and tries to restore any losses as quickly as possible’.

And finally, the Mail on Sunday relates the stomach-churning tale of a ‘hospital blunder‘ that left patient Susan Misiewicz with a ‘teatowel-sized swab inside me… for four months’. A CT scan spotted the ‘oversight’ which was a ‘an 18 inch by 18 inch piece of thick cotton swab wrapped around her bowel.’

The story then goes onto to talk about how she is struggling to get compensation … by which point the Daily Digest had stopped reading.

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