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Bringing people ‘back from the dead’; a new wave of swine flu and how women can avoid a permanent ‘grumpy face’

By Laura Passi

Our roundup of health news headlines on Monday 27 September.

Next week the NHS will appeal to thousands of vulnerable Scots to get vaccinated against swine flu‘ That’s right, swine flu is back, well back in the headlines at least. The Sun reports that ‘A DEADLIER new wave of swine flu could claim even more lives than last year, experts warned yesterday.’

Hospitals are forced to use unlicensed medicines to save millions‘ The Daily Mail reports that drug companies are taking commonly-used drugs, relicensing them and ‘then slap a huge price tag on their branded drug – even though doctors say it is almost identical to the old one’. If so, how come the Daily Mail is the only one to notice?

The Metro had the interesting news that ‘victims of violent crime and road accidents could be ‘brought back from the dead’ with a pioneering new treatment‘. Ice cold fluids into arteries and veins to rapidly cool down the body. Dr Hasan Alam, who led the research explained: ‘By cooling them rapidly we can convert almost certain death into almost certain survival, with normal brain activity and normal organ function. It’s challenging but doable.’

We finish with a news story from The Daily Telegraph that makes me want to walk out of the office immediately. ‘Screen time leads to saggy faces for women‘. According to Dr Michael Prager, a Botox specialist, young women are coming into his clinic with what he has dubbed ‘computer face’, ergo saggy jowels, ‘turkey necks’ and deep set wrinkles.

Caused by scowling and/or looking down at a computer screen. He predicts the problem will be worse for women, in their twenties, he said: ‘In another ten years, they could be looking quite awful.’

He does, however, offer these tips: Regular screen breaks, stretching the neck muscles and putting a mirror by your screen to check if you’re putting on a ‘grumpy face’.

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