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Britons drinking less at home and PIP transplants cause more misery

Drinkers are back in the headlines today as the Daily Mail reveals that fewer than a third of people who drink at home check the volume labels to see how much alcohol their bottle of beer or glass of wine contain.  And it is the teenagers more than the adults who want to know the volume.

The same survey reported by Press Association also found that Britons are drinking less alcohol at home and less frequently with a drop from 75% in 2006 to 71% in 2011. Although more than half of 18-24 years are drinking before going out. Leaders of the survey Mintel say rising prices and health awareness could be behind the drop while a third of Britons now only buy alcohol when it is on special offer.


Meanwhile details on GMC's plans for ‘revalidation' as reported by Pulse yesterday are in The Telegraph today as it writes that GPs will face more ‘comprehensive' interviews and annual appraisals after five years.


And PIP transplants are back in the news today as BBC's Newsbeat reports that women with the implants have been secretly hoping that they rupture so they can get them replaced for free. Around half of the women that Newsbeat contacted said they wanted to have them taken out as they were causing them stress and those who have had them removed said they can not afford to get them replaced.