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Cameron puts brake on NHS reforms, bowel cancer ignorance and the ‘ladies man who can never make love’

Our roundup of health news headlines on Thursday 31 March.

Is the Prime Minister for turning? When it comes to the NHS reforms, he just might be, if the Times’ page three lead (paywall) is to be believed. In a story headed ‘Cameron puts brake on NHS reforms’, it reports that Downing Street want to make the 2013 handover of commissioning responsibility a ‘goal rather than a deadline’.

The embattled Mr Lansley, however, is definitely not for turning, with a ‘Department of Health source’ telling the paper: ‘A clear timetable for implementation has been set out in the bill and we intend to stick to it.’ Watch this space closely.

The Daily Mail reports a Bowel Cancer UK survey which found that two-thirds of men and almost half of women could not name a symptom of the disease.

The NHS Confederation report on the NHS reforms – covered by Pulse here – is also in the Guardian, under the headline ‘Health chiefs plead for rethink over NHS shakeup‘.

And finally, today’s celebrity health story comes from the Daily Mail, which previews a Piers Morgan interview on the ITV1 Life Stories programme with composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber. The 63-year-old has apparently revealed that treatment for prostate cancer has left him impotent – in rather a lot of detail.

Fans will no doubt rightly admire his courage for speaking out on the aftereffects of prostate cancer treatment, but ‘I’m a ladies man, who can never make love,’ he told Piers Morgan, apparently. Love Never Dies, surely?

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