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Cancer drugs too expensive, shortage of cancer x-ray specialists and experimental ebola drug trials to begin in West Africa

The Cancer Drugs Fund may be proving ‘too costly’, with up to half of the drugs on it facing being ruled too expensive for use. The fund pays for drugs for patients deemed to benefit from them the most but which are too expensive for routine use – the most expensive one costing £90,000 per patient, writes The Independent.

The Guardian reports on a warning from the Royal College of Radiologist claiming ‘tens of thousands’ of cancer patients are waiting over a month for a confirmation of their disease. The college warned a chronic shortage of specialists with the skills to interpret scans and x-rays was causing the delay.

Médecins sans Frontières volunteer doctors are to start trialling three experimental ebola drugs in West Africa next month. The Guardian writes that the ‘trials are unprecedented’ because they are being run during an epidemic.


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