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Care homes crisis, Lansley stands firm over NHS reforms, and new worries over mobile phone use

By Gareth Iacobucci

Our roundup of health news headlines on Wednesday 6 October.

Pulse's investigation exposing funding cuts and falling standards in Britain's care homes is covered in some detail by Channel 4 News.

Elsewhere, Andrew Lansley's speech to the Tory party conference – covered here by Pulse – also gets a going over in the press this morning.

The Guardian reports how Mr Lansley was forced to defend his controversial reforms to the NHS in the face of what they call ‘mounting pressure' from professional bodies and unions, not to mention the Labour party and its attack dog-in-chief Andy Burnham.

The BBC treads a similar path, saying Mr Lansley has indicated it is full steam ahead for the reforms, despite the BMA, Unison and medical Royal Colleges questioning the pace and scale of change.

Could mobile phones give us brain cancer? asks the Daily Mail, ominously. The paper reports on a new claim from Devra Davis, an eminent American epidemiologist (and possible fan of Dan Brown paperbacks) who alleges that the mobile phone industry has spent years trying to bury the scientific evidence that it does in order to protect its $3?trillion, 4.6 billion-customer, global business.

Also in the Mail, we read of new research which suggests that an occasional glass of wine during pregnancy won't harm a baby's development. The study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, suggests pregnant women who drink one or two units of alcohol a week may actually find their child is better behaved than if they abstained from alcohol.

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Daily Digest - 06 Oct 2010