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‘Chaotic’ PCTs agree to issue overdue payments

A PCT cluster whose finance department was accused by GPs of operating in ‘disgraceful chaos' has agreed to issue overdue payments to practices up front.

Pulse revealed in November that GPs in the NHS North Central London PCT cluster had been beset with late payment problems. But LMC leaders have now hammered out an agreement guaranteeing that claims for underpayments or delayed payments will be processed immediately by the cluster.

Under the deal, the PCT has agreed not to hold up claims with requests for additional information, and to only claw back genuine overpayments over a sustained period, rather than destabilising practices by demanding immediate repayment.

Dr Tony Grewal, medical director of Londonwide LMCs, said: ‘While it is disgraceful that things as important as pay and invoices have sometimes not been dealt with in an accurate and timely fashion, the PCT cluster at the highest level shares those concerns and has set up emergency measures so practices are not destabilised.'

An NHS North Central London spokesperson said: ‘There have been a small number of occasions where information we have issued or payments we have made has not been timely or accurate. Ensuring accurate and timely financial information and payments to GPs is a main priority.'