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Child visits to A&E rise, new NICE guidance on caesareans and the super soaraway Sun grills Andrew Lansley

By Laura Passi

Our round-up of the health news headlines on Tuesday 24 May.

The Daily Telegraph reports the statistic from researchers in Nottingham that the proportion of children being taken to A&E with common illnesses (i.e. fevers, coughs and vomiting) instead of their GP has increased by 42% over the decade.

The academic paper the story is based on explains the increase could be down to a range of factors, including limitations with GP out-of-hours services and NHS Direct sending callers to A&E.

The Daily Mirror has the touching story of a woman called Kate Allatt, who beat locked-in syndrome, following a sudden stroke in 2010, and learnt to walk and talk again and even fulfilled her ambition of renewing her wedding vows with her husband.

NICE issued new guidance yesterday which recommended that women who request a caesarean should undergo counselling to talk through the pros and cons of the procedure and help alleviate any fears about giving birth naturally.

The Independent reports that caesareans cost £800 more than vaginal births, but increasing numbers of woman are requesting them even though there may be no medical reason for them to do so.

And finally, health secretary Andrew Lansley speaks today exclusively to the Sun and says that 'a chief nursing officer' will be on the commissioning board to represent nurses alongside GPs and hospital doctors. ‘Nursing expertise should be there as well as broader medical and clinical expertise,' he says.

However, the paper also reports ‘competition within the service WILL remain - a blow to Deputy PM Nick Clegg who has vowed to oppose the move.'

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