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Suggested action points – you may delete and substitute with your own if you prefer

- Reflect/enquire which private providers are already providing services in your area and what the advantages and disadvantages of this have been for patients
- The Government is keen for services to be commissioned on quality not price. How can your consortium ensure quality is delivered by local providers in future?
- Do you need to encourage more providers into your area? If so how would you approach this and for which specialties.
- Which steps will your GP consortium need to take in future to ensure it is not excluding potential providers from entering the marketplace?
- Other than private companies or NHS providers, who else could your consortium commission services from?
- Which local factors will affect how the reforms pan out? Eg great loyalty by patients to NHS, campaign to keep local hospital open, large number of young informed middle-class patients that will demand more from services

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Questions to reflect on

1/ What will the NHS look like under the new market model?
2/ Which factors will be unique to the NHS market, for example loyalty to the NHS?
3/ Why has the Government decided on a market model and what advantages and disadvantages does this pose for GP commissioners?