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Commissioning dilemma – concerns over your consortium’s leadership

Your shadow consortium is struggling to make decisions and you are unconvinced by its leadership. How can you raise your concerns? Dr Michael Dixon advises.

The shadow consortium should, hopefully, be having meetings of its constituent practices and their representatives. These will be the right place to voice your concerns – possibly seeing if these are shared by other GPs and practices beforehand. If the leadership has been assumed rather than elected then you could suggest there should be an election to ensure that the consortium has the leadership that it wants. If you hope to be the new leader then it is important to be open about this from the beginning and if you don’t then it is equally important to ensure that you have an alternative leader in mind. The danger is that you might end up with destabilised weak leadership, which is even worse than the weak leadership that you started with. On a human level, and if at all possible, it would also be best initially to voice your concerns in as unthreatening way as possible to the leadership. Such a conversation might end up with you understanding why things are as they are or could possibly improve the quality of leadership being offered. Examine your own conscience, however, before all of this and ensure that your being “unconvinced” is not in any way a factor of personal issues with the leadership or your own self interest.


Dr Michael Dixon