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Common sense approach to CSA must stay

While it is laudable to ensure the CSA exam is rigorous and non-discriminatory, let’s not create a two-tier pass rate (‘Lawyers give RCGP three weeks to sort CSA, or face legal action’). 

Being a good doctor includes a certain level of understanding of the cultural and linguistic norms of the society you serve, the systems to deliver the service and the ability to work within a different cultural context. If someone is not good enough to do this, they should fail regardless of background. Multiple failings should lead to removal from training. There is nothing politically incorrect, racially motivated or immoral about this, it’s just good common sense. 

In the same vein, let’s ensure this challenge is rigorous and sensible and the outcome does not succumb to political correctness. If the verdict goes against the plaintiffs, they must accept it and move on. If it finds in favour, the RCGP needs to answer serious questions about its impartiality and conduct.

From Dr Hamish Duncan, Exeter