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Contracts move the last straw

If a PCT can unilaterally do what it wishes, do we have a contract? (‘Trusts write termination clauses into PMS contracts', www.pulsetoday. Is it time to leave en masse and renegotiate everything?

News: Trusts write termination clauses into PMS contracts

We should take a leaf from the legal profession. Look at magistrates, judges and legal aid work – they get £200 an hour. There is a worldwide shortage of doctors. Our 80-hour weekends without sleep for buttons are not appreciated.

I think they are waging war – list cleansing, pay cuts, constant sniping. If they want war, give them war. Charge them per hour and per consultation.

We are being hoist on our petard of professional responsibility. Ultimately, we have to realise that patients suffer because there is no money and not because of us.

I say, time to go.

From Dr Josef Kuriacose, Moneymore, Northern Ireland, via