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Cracks in the coalition, measles for vaccine-dodgers and the world according to Camilla Cavendish

By Ellie Broughton

Our round-up of the health news headlines on Friday 27 May.

Nick Clegg's criticism of the health Bill has roused fury in the Tories, and the Times reports that backbenchers will attempt to stop Lib Dems re-writing any part of it.

The deputy prime minister said yesterday: 'I think we will need to send the bill back to committee. I have always said that it is best to take our time to get it right rather than move too fast and risk getting the details wrong.'

In a letter leaked to the Guardian, conservative MP Nick de Bois, wrote: 'These are premature and inappropriate comments. We are still in the listening exercise. Our coalition partners have had the loudest voices in this debate and I am keen that the Conservative backbenchers have their voice heard so we can highlight our red lines that come from our manifesto.'

The Telegraph carries an interesting opinion piece that suggests the Government doesn't have the appetite for such huge reforms. Could this be the issue that cracks the coalition?

Measles cases are up ten-fold, according to a report in the Guardian, with more than 330 cases confirmed in England and Wales this year alone. In England and Wales, the under-25s were the most affected in the first three months of the year. The vast majority had not had the vaccine against the disease.

The Times has carried the second part of its Cavendish report today [link behind paywall] as intrepid reporter Camilla Cavendish attempts to single-handedly discover what's wrong with the NHS. Today, Cavendish discovers that 'the best doctors are already stepping up without the need for a change in the law'. Pick up the paper on Monday for the next thrilling revelation.

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Our round-up of the health news headlines on Friday 27 May.