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Cruel hospital food, men suffering in silence, and yet more debate over drinking while pregnant

Meat and eggs found in some hospital food in England do not meet standards expected by consumers a survey by the RSPCA and Campaign for Better Hospital Food has found, says the BBC.

The researchers sent a questionnaire to every trust in England and found that 71% of respondents cooked with eggs from hens kept in cages and two thirds of chicken and pork served in hospital are kept in conditions that do not meet RSPCA welfare standards.


Depression in men is less likely to be picked up and other men often fail to spot the signs according to research covered by the Daily Telegraph.

Researchers at the University of Westminster  found that symptoms in men are brushed off by their  peers as’ feeling a bit low’ according to the findings published in the journal PLOS One, as society expects men to be tough and cope with their emotional feelings.


The debate over drinking whilst pregnant is reignited as researchers found that pregnant women drinking even small amounts could have an impact of the IQ of their unborn child, according to the Daily Mail.

Researchers  from Oxford and Bristol universities found children whose mothers drank whilst pregnant had lower IQs at age  eight than children whose mothers had not consumed alcohol in a study of over 4,000 people.