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Cryosurgery – Dermatology photofile


Module summary

Work through six cases of skin lesions suitable for cryosurgery while Dr Keli Thorsteinsson updates you on techniques, contraindications, complications and treatment protocols.
Learning objectives

This module will:

  • Test your diagnostic skils by asking you to identify skin lesions from a photo and short case history
  • Update you on which lesions are suitable for cryosurgery in primary care
  • Offer guidance on equipment, cryogens and techniques
  • Provide a list of skin lesions and their suitablity for cryosurgery
  • Offer guidance on complications

At the beginning of each case you will be asked to study a picture of the lesion plus a brief case history and then be asked a question about the case.

You will then be updated on an aspect of cryosurgery before moving on to the next case.

At the end of the module your knowledge will be tested using a 10 question assessment which will be scored.

Remember you can leave the module at any time and start where you left off by clicking the "Resume module" button in you rCPD log or on the introductory page of the module.