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CSA stance has left me disillusioned

Following a briefing from our RCGP Council rep, I want to express the collective concern of my fellow trainees, whose future I believe is being jeopardised.

I was prepared to give the RCGP the benefit of the doubt over the allegations that the CSA is biased and discriminatory (‘RCGP study finds CSA exam is fair’). However, for the college to commission an internal investigation, rather than an independent review, beggars belief. It lacks the necessary transparency to resolve the issue.

I chose general practice as my career partly because of the high esteem with which my colleagues spoke of the RCGP’s recent achievements and increased profile. The profession’s reputation had never been so high. But like many trainees, I am now embarrassed and angered and question my chosen future. I, for one, will be resigning as an Associate in Training of the RCGP and I urge my colleagues to do so too. Membership is not obligatory. I can still sit the exams and practise as a GP without RCGP membership.

Dr Geeta Shah, GP trainee, Leicester