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David Beckham’s cancer diagnosis, the influence of Freddie Flintock’s pedalo, and the Kung Fu cure for fractures

By Mark Pownall

Our roundup of news headlines on Thursday 22 April.

Today we learnt how David Beckham's haircut can diagnose leukaemia in a story covered in many newspapers, including the Metro. A dad gave his toddler a Mohican haircut of the type sported by the husband of Posh Spice and found some strange bumps which turned out to be leukaemia.

Swerving dead balls, marrying pop stars, and treating cancer. Is there no limit to his talents.

We are the binge drinking capital of Europe the Mail declares, with only Denmark, Malta and Finland coming anywhere near. And its all Labour's fault for bringing in 24-hour drinking.

But its not the fault of Freddie Flintock and the pedalo, and the rugby star in the golf cart on the M4 that fill tabloid inches and show the hazardous judgment that often follows too much boozing. The antics of drunken sports stars have little or no effect on the drinking habits of young people, according to a survey reported in the Telegraph. Sports stars drinking had no correlation with that of 1,000 young people questioned.

And consider this grasshopper: The same newspaper reports that teaching older people martial arts can cut the risk of fractures after falls.

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Daily Digest - 22 April 2010