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Debate over arthritis treatment, hospital prescribing errors and the headline urging readers to ‘swallow a doctor’

By Craig Kenny

Our roundup of news headlines on Tuesday 19 January.

'Feeling ill? Just swallow a doctor,' urges a headline in today's Independent, which fortunately refers not to medical cannibalism, but research into a nanoparticle drug delivery system that can target the walls of arteries around the heart.

Meanwhile, The Telegraph finds evidence of a new England-Scotland divide in arthritis treatment as the Scottish Medicines Consortium rules in favour of prescribing tocilizumab (RoActemra), while NICE has issued preliminary guidance against it.

Also in the Telegraph was news that one in eight prescriptions for children in hospital contain errors – including one case of a potentially fatal overdose of morphine that was only spotted at the last moment by the nurse about to administer it.

The Times reported a Cochrane review that concludes that more than 7,000 women are undergoing unnecessary treatment for breast cancer each year because breast screening is leading to an over-diagnosis of the condition.

Elsewhere, the election campaign kicked off with the parties declaring war on binge drinking, with Labour planning bans on booze games such as 'the Dentist's Chair' and the Tories pledging to impose a levy on late-night drinking outlets.

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