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Doctors urged to ‘help Hunt save NHS’, three cups of tea boosts bone health and the man whose tapeworm got cancer

Although it does not make the front pages, all the major papers have their own take on the BMA’s ballot of junior doctors over strike action, opening today.

The Guardian’s headline quotes junior doctors saying that health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s new contract offer was ‘fatally flawed’ while, by contrast, the Telegraph says doctors ‘should help’ Mr Hunt who is ‘trying to save’ the NHS.

Only the Express splashes on a health story, and it’s some good news for the British elderly population who is told drinking tea boosts bone health.

A study found drinking just three cups of black tea, the type most popular in the UK, protects against bone-weakening illness osteoporosis.

Although Halloween has come and gone, some rather gory news reaches us from Colombia.

Following the death of a man, seemingly from cancer, researchers from the US Centre for Disease Control and the UK’s Natural History Museum were able to determine that his death was caused not by the man himself having cancer, but from his tapeworm developing the tumours.

Dr Atis Muehlenbachs told the BBC News website: ’This has been the most unusual case, it caused many sleepless nights.’


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