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Don’t go into the water – or the GP surgery, if you have a ‘non-incentivised’ condition

A study has found that patients with conditions that GPs are paid extra to monitor, such as heart disease, get better care than those with problems which do not attract bonuses, the Telegraph reports (not on website).

Researchers from Oxford, Bristol and Manchester universities said: ‘Improvements associated with financial incentives seem to have been achieved at the expense of small detrimental effects on aspects of care that were not incentivised.'

The Telegraph also says that the BMA is warning that that European employment law and other countries' refusal to share information from their medical registers meant UK medical regulators were sometimes powerless to guarantee foreign doctors' capability.

Meanwhile the Mail reports (not on website) that think-tank Reform is warning that with the number over over 65s due to reach 1.4 million in the next five years it will be impossible for the NHS to continue to be free.

Finally the papers say that despite the summer heat Cambridge students must not mess about on the river after an undergraduate is suspected of contracting Weil's disease after jumping in the Cam after his exams.

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