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Dr Daryl Goodwin: ‘Labour have bullied GPs’

I'm surprised a party with a socialist background has done more to privatise the NHS than any other.

Labour's bullying style is never more evident than when dealing with GPs. The contract was a Trojan horse that broke the concept of continuity of care.

The Conservatives seem to be saying some reasonable things such as allowing commissioning to extend, but then reveal their consumer appeal by promising an end to practice boundaries. It would be refreshing to see a party being honest about reining in unreasonable expectations. If they are foolish enough to intimate that they will make GPs take back 24 hour responsibility, they could really antagonise the profession.

I'd also like to see an end to income being dependent upon flawed polls relying on subjective opinion.

Dr Daryl Goodwin is a GP partner in Birmingham

Dr Daryl Goodwin Dr Daryl Goodwin