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Dr Shaba Nabi

dr nabi rising stars 2016 3x2

dr nabi rising stars 2016 3×2

Dr Nabi received an outpouring of affection from across the profession this year when she declared she was choosing her sanity and her family over her GP partnership and had taken the decision to move to a salaried role.

‘Most of all, I’ve chosen life. Because life is too short and too precious to be a scapegoat for the NHS,’ she wrote in May in a powerful column for Pulse.

She also received a standing ovation at the LMCs Conference where, close to tears, she talked about dealing with the loss of the career she had taken years to build.

‘She spoke for us all’ in her column and in her LMC speech, said one GP who nominated her, while others praised her for being a ‘down to earth voice of general practice’.

And that seems to be the power of her writing in her monthly Pulse blog, which has caught the profession’s attention. She writes eloquently and candidly about the everyday demands of being a GP, GP appraiser and trainer at her Bristol practice. 

Dr Nabi does not mince her words. When asked by Pulse what would be the one thing she would like to change about general practice, she said it would be to ‘stop the culture of it becoming the world’s biggest toilet (dumping ground)’.

And there is plenty more to come from Dr Nabi in the year ahead, particularly with her recent appointment as board director for Avon LMC, where she says she hopes ‘to engage as many different types of GPs as possible, as well as increasing the profile of the work of the LMC for trainees’.

What others say about her ‘Representing grassroots GP in the current crisis’. 

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