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E-doc strikes again, the league of cancers, baby ‘saved’ by swine flu

By Laura Passi

Our roundup of health news headlines on Monday 24 January.

The Daily Mail’s front page news is the suggestion that patients could be asked to email their GP with symptoms instead of going to a consultation.

The emails would be answered by a ‘doctor between appointments or at the end of the working day’. Those with long-term health problems could monitor them at home and send in results. However the BMA ‘warned that would be only a matter of time before a serious illness is missed’ and the GMC is ‘opposed on the grounds that patient confidentiality could be jeopardised.’

Research compiled by the World Cancer Research Fund, (WCRF), a London-based charity, which presents a world table of highest cancer rates has been interpreted in various different ways today. The Daily Telegraph asks ‘Why is Denmark the cancer capital of the world?‘ After the results based on data from the World Health Organisation show ‘some 326 people in every 100,000 developing the disease each year.’

The Independent focuses on breast cancer rates, with Britain ‘ranking 11th out of 50 countries‘. The study identifies ‘high levels of obesity and alcohol consumption among women as one of the reasons.’

The Guardian has a slightly more positive take on the findings. ‘Decades of warnings about the dangers of smoking appear to be having an effect, with the UK placed a relatively low 22nd in a world league of highest cancer rates.’

And finally a good news swine flu story (who’d have thought it possible?!) from the Daily Mirror. ‘A new mum told last night how her baby son is only alive because she caught swine flu.’ Pregnant Donna Whatmore was so ill that they decided to deliver the baby early, on doing so they discovered ‘a double-knot in his umbilical cord, which could have killed him in the womb.’ Husband Ryan said: ‘We are just so lucky’.

A late addition to the daily digest today. The Daily Mail gives us the news that ‘cancer sufferers’ could be given chemotherapy treatment at Boots as part of the ‘extraordinary shake-up of NHS’. Chemotherapy can be administered at home and so ‘doctors argue that there is no reason why boutique medical practices on the High Street could not do the same.’

Spotted a story we’ve missed? Let us know, and we’ll update the digest throughout the day…

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