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Ed Miliband’s nose, memory loss pill and why competition is the NHS ‘could’ save your life

Our round-up of the health headlines on Thursday 28 June.

Researchers are claiming that 300 heart attack patients have been saved because of competition being introduced to the NHS, the Telegraph reports. The claim, published by researchers at the London School of Economics, says the rise in heart attack survivors occured at the same time as more patient choice and more freedom for managers was introduced. Nothing to do with any medical advances over that time, then.

Scientists have found a drug that could cure memory loss in old age the Mail reports. US scientists claim a pill that has been used for years could be prescribed to everyone to stop them having forgetful moments in their golden years. Guanfacine stops chemicals in the brain from building up and depleting memory.

Country bumpkins beware you could have an increased of getting cancer if you grow up on a farm. Researchers in New Zealand discovered that people who grew up on a poultry or beef farms were three times more likely to develop blood cancers compared to those who didn't.

NHS workers could end up paying £3,000 a year more to keep their gold plated pensions, ministers are set to announce today. The Telegraph reports today that NHS workers in the £50,000 wage bracket will pay £768 a year extra while those on more than £100,000 will pay up to £3000 a year more.

A century after his death, American scientists think they have discovered what caused the Elephant man's horrible disfigurement. The Independent reports he suffered from a genetic mutation that causes Proteus syndrome, a condition which causes tissue and bone to grow out of proportion. It is believed there are 500 people in the world suffering from the syndrome.

No one could accuse Ed Miliband of being good looking, so it was good news to hear he has gone under the knife for improvement works. Unfortunately it's for medical reasons and not vanity. Miliband, whose critics have said they can not take him seriously because of his voice, has had a nose job to stop him snoring, well that's the reason he has given anyway.