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Eyelid conditions – Photofile (1.5 CPD hours)


Ophthalmologists Miss Clare Daniels and Dr Mark Llewellyn present four case histories of patients who presented to their GPs with an eyelid condition. Make a diagnosis from the photo and case history before being updated on key features, differential diagnosis and management options.

Learning objectives

This module will:

  • Test your diagnostic skills by asking you to identify four eyelid conditions from a photo and case history
  • Update you on the key presenting features of each
  • Key pointers on differential diagnosis
  • Offer guidance on referral
  • Outline the management options

At the beginning of each case you will be asked to study a picture of an ophthalmological condition plus a brief case history and then asked for a diagnosis before being updated on the diagnosis and management of that condition.

At the end of the module your knowledge will be tested using a 10 question assessment which will be scored.

Remember you can leave the module at any time and start where you left off by clicking the "Resume module" button in your CPD log or on the introductory page of the module.


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