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Football crockers and crockees, a foreign doctor vendetta and the country’s first kiddie internet rehab

By Lilian Anekwe

Our roundup of the news headlines on Thursday 18 March.

You'd have to go way back in history, to before the days of the Daily Digest, to find out when last the day's news was so dominated by football-related injuries.

David Beckham's ankle ligament damage will rule him out of the World Cup, and there's a picture of him looking enfeebled and having to be helped around by Posh Spice here.

Meanwhile John Terry has compounded his sex scandal shame by running over a security guard's leg in the Stamford Bridge car park. I know the thought of running over Chelsea fans in a 4x4 had occurred to all of us at some stage, but still... unacceptable behaviour.

It's unclear if it's become an official editorial campaign, or just an unofficial vendetta, but the Daily Mail says 10% of doctors are ‘foreign and untested'. Upon further scrutiny, this means that of the 230,000 doctors registered with the GMC, 21,451 qualified in other EU countries.

Lots in the health news today about children, our precious, angelic little darlings, who are at risk from the growing threat of the legal drug mephedrone.

Forgot all you've heard about crystal meth, this is the new drug you have to worry if your cherubs are going to succumb to. No-one knows exactly how dangerous it is and there's very little evidence for scientists to analyse yet, but even so the calls are growing for it be be banned, just to be on the safe side.

It appears kids these days really are living hedonistic, vice-filled lives, as the Daily Telegraph reports a clinic at the private Capio Nightingale hospital in London will help children as young as 12 who are addicted to the internet, mobile phones and computer games.

If you have a child, you really should text them now. Just to make sure they're not snorting drugs, gambling on the World Cup or being run over by a footballer.

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