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Future of ‘bottled sunshine’ not so bright; the all-in-one flu jab and the ‘wards of neglect’

By Nigel Praities

Our roundup of health news headlines on Wednesday 8 December.

the Independent covers research that questions the health benefits of the ‘bottled sunshine' or vitamin D. They review evidence published by the Institute of Medicine in the US that shows high levels can cause kidney damage.

The newspapers are also covering the results of a new all-in-one flu jab that could give lifelong protection against the virus. According to the Mail, the vaccine – currently in the early stages of testing in humans – is 'based on internal proteins in the flu virus that are common to all strains and have not mutated for more than 60 years'.

The Daily Mail is also uncovering the ‘wards of neglect' with one nurse per 11 patients on elderly care wards, higher than other hospital departments. In the newspaper, experts warn that the shortage of experienced, well-trained staff means that serious health problems, such as strokes, are being missed.

Lastly, The Telegraph has covered our story yesterday on the increases in hospital waits after the 18 weeks target was scrapped and also has news of a test that could predict the risk of a heart attack within six years. The test - that measures the marker troponin T - was described by one of the researchers as 'one of the most powerful predictors so far'.

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