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Government’s free care plan in jeopardy, new research backs breast cancer screening, and why chocolate is good for the heart.

By Gareth Iacobucci

Our roundup of news headlines on Wednesday 31 March.

Delays to the Government's free care for the elderly plan receive plenty of column inches this morning, including in the Telegraph, which reports on charities' concerns that elderly people have been left 'waiting for God' by the decision to shelve plans for a comprehensive National Care Service for ‘at least six years'.

The Guardian presents the concerning findings from a new report by the National Patient Safety Agency, which says mistakes by GPs, hospital doctors and nurses have jeopardised the health of thousands of patients when cancer was misdiagnosed or not spotted soon enough.

In the Mail, we hear of new research which shows that breast cancer screening saves the lives of two women for every patient who is treated unnecessarily.

New scientific research, covered in the Telegraph, suggests that drivers having hands-free conversations on their mobile phones could be as dangerous as those who are drunk.

Also in the Telegraph, we hear of fears of a 'postcode lottery' in prostate cancer care, with sufferers significantly more likely to die if they live in some parts of the country than others.

The Mail goes food crazy this morning. Firstly, the paper claims that failed attempts to improve hospital food have cost taxpayers more than £50million in the last 10 years.

Elsewhere, it's good news for chocoholics in the run of to Easter, after scientists claim that chocolate is good for your heart...but only one square of it. Killjoys.

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