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GP anger over Labour poll stunt; probe over cancer postcards; ‘trust us’ says Brown

By Ian Quinn

Our roundup of the news headlines on Tuesday 13 April.

GPs feature prominently in the row over Labour's election tactics which dominates the political pages of today's press.

All the Tory blue-tinged papers pick up on the alleged ‘appalling tactics' of the party in approaching GPs and consultants via emails to their practice accounts, asking them to sign up to a formal declaration supporting Labour.

The Sun, the Mail and the Telegraph all go big on claims from ‘disgusted' GPs, at least one of whom claims his personal details may have been improperly acquired by the Labour Party in its bid to persuade voters it is the party of the NHS.

Just as it seems Labour has little chance of GPs lining up on the opposite side of all those fat cat business bosses supporting the Tories taxation plans, the party received unlikely support from the Lib Dems after a second allegation from the Tories of abusing its position in the run up to the big day in May.

The Telegraph and the Independent report how the Conservatives saw red at Gordon Brown using the soon to be opened £574m Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham as the stage for its manifesto launch yesterday to deliver the message that the country could trust his party to look after the health of the nation.

They claimed Labour had broken rules stating that NHS buildings shouldn't be used during election campaigns.

Liberal Democrats health spokesman Norman Lamb said the attack was ‘petty beyond belief' and said it showed just how little the Conservatives had to say about matters that really counted.

The Indy also reveals that Labour's election leaflet sent to cancer sufferers, warning that its pledges on cancer care would be scrapped by the Tories, are being investigated by the Information Commissioner.

After all the allegations of negative spin from Mr Murdoch's camp and Tory HQ, Labour will no doubt be delighted at the headline on page three of the supposedly left-leaning Guardian, which reports women are less likely to die in childbirth in Albania than in the UK.

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Daily Digest - 13 April 2010